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The availability of a dryer assumes certain conveniences in everyday life. Unfortunately, not every unit is able to function without breakdown during operation, which always happens at the wrong time. In such cases, you cannot do without contacting the dryer appliance repair service, where high-quality diagnostics of the device and replacement of failed parts with new ones are carried out, and recommendations for its further use are provided. So ask yourself “Is there a good gas dryer repair near me?” and find an organization that can help you. The cost to repair a dryer is affordable, which will help you avoid unplanned expenses that can punch a pack in your budget.

Dryer working principle

A dryer is similar to a washing machine, but instead of water, hot air is supplied to blow and dry the clothes. It depends on the choice of the drying cycle how long it works and at what temperature the drying is carried out. The drum where the clothes are placed is rotated by the forces of a motor and a fan (blower). If the airflow is bad in the heating element, you need electric dryer repair services. Insufficient airflow through the gas stream requires gas dryer repair.

After the air has flown through the drum, it finds its way through the air ducts from the back of the appliance to the vent located outside. The start of the cycle is possible only after the door closure signal. Pressing the start button allows you to control the timer. The moisture sensor is responsible for measuring the vapor in the drum to determine when the laundry is dry.

The selector controls the maximum temperature in the drum. To keep it at a certain level, the heating element is turned on and off. At the end of the cycle time, the moisture sensor detects if the clothes are dry. The end of the cycle is signaled by a buzzer. To prevent wrinkling, the device turns on every few minutes. Problems with any of the listed functions require immediate dryer repair.

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Common failures of dryer

There’s a large amount of different brands and models of dryers in existence on the market, and repair varies greatly between them all. However, the symptoms of the problem(s) are usually similar regardless of the make and model:

  • Overheating or takes too long to dry – Usually caused by a faulty thermostat or a clogged dryer vent.
  • Does Not Spin – Overloading of the unit, or prolonged use of the appliance, may cause motor to fail or belt to slip and even break.
  • Does Not Heat In most cases the problem is due to a blown thermal fuse, faulty ignitor, heating element (electric dryers) or gas valves (gas units). To diagnose, the technician uses specialized equipment, with which it is possible to determine which part has failed and needs to be replaced.
  • Control Panel Not responding – Surges in power is one of the main dangers for electronic components. If the unit does not switch on after a power outage, then the control board replacement might be necessary.

Diagnostic fee – $85.00

90 Day part warranty on OEM parts

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